Exterior Lighting

Bulbs: All post light bulbs should be 60 Watt equivalent LED with a warm white (approximately 2700K) color.  This type of bulb should be available for reasonable cost from almost any store that sells light bulbs.

Light remains lit during daylight hours: If your post light never turns off or only turns off on the sunniest of days, the photocell that is responsible for controlling the light could have gone bad.  The photocell is located in the post, about 6″-9″ below the lamp.  Replacements can be purchased at Home Depot or on Amazon for about $15.00.    https://www.homedepot.com/p/Newport-Coastal-Outdoor-Black-Light-Post-Photo-Eye-Replacement-7780-02B/100671509

Light never turns on:  If your post light doesn’t turn on, first verify that the outdoor electrical outlet next to the garage door has power (the post light is directly wired to this outlet).  Plug some electrical device in to the outdoor outlet next to the garage to make sure the outlet works.  If there is no power here, it is likely caused by a tripped GFI outlet inside the house.  In most homes, the post light and outside electrical outlets are protected by a GFI usually located on the lowest level of the house and often in the bathroom on this level.  Try pressing the TEST and RESET buttons on the GFI and then test the outlet outside again to verify it is working.  If there is power at the outlet, the bulb might be burned out.  See replacement bulb information above.

Replacement Postlight fixture: The light fixture originally installed at all homes is no longer manufactured.  Reston Association has approved a replacement fixture that should be installed when the original fixture is no longer desirable.

Replacement Outside Wall sconce fixture: This light fixture is used for the front porch, light(s) outside garage door, and at outside entrance(s) at the rear of the home.

  • Manufacturer: Progress Lighting
  • Model Number: P5832-10 (14 inches)